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SmartWOOD is a next generation fiber cement sheet which is waterproof, termite proof, weather proof, very strong and durable and is suitable for usage in both Internal & External Cladding, Fencing, Landscape, Decking, Gates, Pergolas, Screen Walls,  Gazebos etc.

SmartWOOD (Fibre Cement based Wood Alternate) is manufactured by SCG (Siam Cement Group). SCG generates approx 20 billion USD in revenues annually and is one of the largest industrial conglomerates and manufacturers of high grade building products in Thailand/ Asia. 

SmartWOOD comes in the form of wood planks / strips  with a wooden texture on the surface. There are multiple types of wooden textures available (From Deep Grain to Natural Teak to very subtle wood grain) to satisfy the entire visual aesthetic requirements that a client/ designer may have for a project.