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Usage of Wood in the external facades as a design element has gathered tremendous momentum across the world. With the usage of SmartWOOD designers can have natural wood aesthetics on the external / internal walls without any of the problems that is associated with the usage of Natural Wood.The applications of SmartWOOD are only limited by the imagination of the designer. SmartWOOD comes in the form of wood planks/ strips of with a wooden texture on the surface. There are multiple types of wooden textures available (From Deep Grain to Natural Teak to very subtle wood grain) to satisfy the entire visual aesthetic requirements that a client/ designer may have for a project.


Benefits of SmartWOOD:

1.      SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE AND WEATHER PROOF:  SmartWOOD is Water proof, Termite proof, Fire proof, Sound Proof and has good Thermal Insulation.

2.      REAL WOOD TEXTURES: The wooden textures of SmartWOOD are very authentic and look just like real wood.

3.      POLISH/ STAIN JUST LIKE NATURAL WOOD: SmartWOOD can be polished, painted, stained, varnished just like natural wood. There are thousands of natural wood finishes that can be achieved on SmartWOOD. (i.e: Matt, Glossy, Single Color, Double Color, Antique, Modern etc).

4.      USE IN INTERIORS AND EXTERIORS: SmartWOOD can be used both in interiors and exteriors.

5.      HIGH IMPACT LOAD:  SmartWOOD has high impact resistance. So it can take a lot of heavy beating without any damage.

6.      BENDABLE : SmartWOOD is flexible and can be bent if needed.

7.      HIGH POINT LOAD STRENGTH: SmartWOOD has high point load strength. Can hang heavy paintings or TV screens on SmartWOOD without any special framing in the back. Each point can carry a load of 80-90 kg.

8.      EASY WORKABILITY:  SmartWOOD can be cut like plyboard with normal wood cutting tools.

9.      NAILING/ SCREWING POSSIBLE:         It is possible to both nail and screw in SmartWOOD, so it can be used pretty similar to plyboard.

10.  SPEED:  As a cladding system SmartWOOD cladding is very fast . With SmartWOOD one can achieve an efficiency of 1500-2000 sq ft  of cladding in one day with a skilled team. Large amounts of moneys can be saved in saved interest / financial costs due to faster completion of projects.

11.  LIGHTWEIGHT:  SmartWOOD system is lightweight and does not impose heavy loads on the fa├žade or the structure.

12.  FLEXIBILITY IN DESIGN:  The designers can use SmartWOOD in many creative ways to achieve flexibility in design.

13.  GREEN CONSTRUCTION:  SmartWOOD is a environmentally responsible Green product. As an alternate for Natural Wood it reduces the environmental burden on our forests.

14.  ECONOMICAL: SmartWOOD system is much cheaper than any of its alternates like Natural Wood, Wood Composites etc and yet has better aesthetics and performance.